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Packaging quality criteria for archives, libraries, museums and offices

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PP-U KIEL-TECH produces boxes, folders, envelopes, wrappers and archive covers that meet a number of restrictive requirements contained both in Polish legal acts and in international ISO standards.

Norma ISO 9706

– determines what paper can be described as “durable”, i.e. paper whose chemical and physical properties remain constant over a long period of time

Norma ISO 16245

– In addition to the paper durability requirements identical to ISO 9706, it also specifies requirements for the construction of the packaging itself. This standard applies to boxes made of solid cardboard. According to ISO 16245, boxes can be made of two types of cardboard:

– Type A (pure cellulose paperboard, Kappa number <5)

– Type B (acid-free paperboard, no Kappa number requirements)

Cardboard type A is used to produce boxes that have direct contact with the stored crop

Ordinance of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of 20.10.2015 r.

– determines the manner in which the most valuable Polish archival materials should be preserved

Order 42/MON of the Minister of Defense dated December 19, 2013 concerning the principles of dealing with documentation

– determines the characteristics of packaging intended for the storage of military archival materials

PAT ( Photographic Activity Test)

This certification confirms that the paper does not adversely affect the photographic materials it protects. PAT certification is required when photographic archival records are stored in a particular package.

pH value:

From 7.5-10

Alkaline Reserve:

Minimum 0.4 mole per kg

Oxidation resistance:

Kappa number less than 5

Dyes and optical brighteners:

Dyes and optical brighteners must not migrate

Resistance to water absorption:

Value Cobb60 < 25 g/m2

Additional components, adhesives:

Clips made of non-corrosive raw material, plasticizer-free adhesive

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